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The towing capabilities of pickup trucks has steadily risen over the last 30 years. New trucks are capable of towing 30,000+ pounds. This consistent increase in towing capability pushed the need for us to create a trailer hitch that could match and/or exceed the tow rating of new trucks in addition to providing the versatility necessary to tow multiple trailers at different ride heights. Our solution to this ongoing issue was to create the ultimate trailer hitch to surpass anything the industry had seen before. 

Ten requirements were put in place to create the “perfect hitch”


    Gross trailer weight rating of 36,000 pounds trailer weight and 6,000 pounds

    tongue weight.
    Height adjustment in less than 20 seconds.    
    Ball size adjustment is less than 20 seconds.
    The ability to utilize a wide variety of attachments allowing you to tow any trailer!          
      The highest achievable quality possible.
      Fully welded components that are free of any welding defects.
      Precision fit and finish for near-perfect receiver connection that is noise-free.
      It needed to look good. We wanted it to complement our vehicles,

      not be an eyesore.
      A no hassle lifetime construction warranty that is second to none, backed by an 

      incredible support team to help with anything.
      A Solid Steel receiver shank that would fill the entire receiver.



Medium Duty starts at $219 Rated to 14,000 LBS
Heavy Duty starts at $359 Rated to 22,000 LBS
Extreme Duty starts at $409 Rated to 30,000 LBS